Welcome to the Techaxis International Pvt. Ltd. We shapes business ventures based on sustainable growth and eco friendly developmental processes, working on pure ideas and actions that diverse business opportunities, improves business efficiency of investors and promotes environmental stewardship while contributing to the world, to work efficiently, grow sustainably and live happily.
_________________ Dr. Rashid Choudhary, M. Sc. , Ph. D.
Founder & CEO


Founded in 2009 as partnership firm and now a grown up, Private Limited certified company headquartered in Jammu and Corporate Office in New Delhi, TechAxis International Pvt. Ltd. is a technology, consultancy and multi-sector services company.

Techaxis International Pvt. Ltd. shapes business ventures based on sustainable growth and eco friendly developmental processes, working on pure ideas and actions that diverse business opportunities, improves business efficiency of investors and promotes environmental stewardship while contributing to the betterment of the world.

The company offers products and services ranging from IT Solutions including software, hardware supply, networking, website development, ecommerce sites development and online marketing etc to the consultancy services for political class, print media and education sectors and having own media ventures in the form a Daily News Paper, a bimonthly Magazine, a Sunday News Paper and an internet News TV Channel. Also the company is an accredited supplier of a wide range of materials and services to the security forces, various state governments, PSUs, government departments and to the private players.

The company mainly operates in Jammu and Kashmir, NCR, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh. For IT projects, the company has been partnering with many international and national companies.



“We are a multi Sector and Service Company carving out niche in Information Technology-IT (Web sites, E-Commerce, Data Base Portals, SEO Service, Software), Branding (Designing and Promotion etc.), Advertising ( Print, Electronic, Outdoors, Indoors, Internet etc.), Consultancy Services (Projects, Political and Print Media), Tour and Travel Services (Packages, Holidays, Ticketing, Visa etc. ), HR Management (Trainings & placements etc.), Education ( Foreign Education, Institutes, colleges, Universities, Vocational and Technical Initiatives, Tutorials and Admissions etc) Media Ventures (Starting of Magazines, News Papers, Electronic Channels), Environmental Testing (Environmental Impact Assessments, Sustainability Projects, Products/Content testing, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency Projects etc.), Green Projects (Ecosafe huts, Resorts, Hotels, Motels, Hydel Power Projects, Solar Projects etc.) Real Estate (Land Banks, Promoters, Consultancy, Builders, Sellers, Properties, Rentals), Printing & Publishing (Academi Journals, books, news papers) Supplies and Stocking (CNFs, Franchising, imports, exports, government supplies, armed forces supplies), Skill Development Initiatives, Research and Development (institution, projects etc), Manufacturing (industrial products), Projects installations, Creation of New Brand Chains (Beverages, Food, Luxury, Clothing, Electronics etc) and Conferencing (Event Management, Trade Fairs, Conferences, Exhibitions, Expos etc.) etc.”


At Techaix International Pvt. Ltd. we strive to be sustainable where ever possible. We understand that the event industry can take its toll on the environment from various aspects in both a positive and negative way. It is these negative factors that we aim to eradicate completely or at least reduce as much as possible to ensure that while we provide outstanding event solutions, we are also taking ownership of our responsibilities towards a more sustainable environment.

Climate change is the most pressing global issue facing us all, with potential for significant community, biodiversity and environmental consequences across the world. To take responsibility for our impact on the climate we are planning to offset the carbon emissions from our company.

We are working on a model with Climate Care, is an organisation that reduces global greenhouse gas emissions on behalf of companies and individuals. These reductions are made through a range of projects around the world that not only make real reductions in carbon emissions, but also make a difference to people’s lives.


At Techaix International Pvt. Ltd our Vision is to build up a world-class Business company with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and customer service and to thereby contribute to and benefit from the growth of the green economies of the world. We envisage to create value in Business and make a difference by making environment and sustainability the central axis in our all the initiatives and plans to ensure the promotion of the same.


Techaix International Pvt. Ltd will lead the way to the future of Business in the most sustainable and innovative ways. Through our commitment to quality, innovations and sustainability we aim to present business alternatives of the people for the people and by the people of the emerging world. We aim to grow sustainably and qualitatively while recognising the contribution of the people, partners, systems and planet earth.


To be a leader in the real Technology, Media, Brandgae and Service Industry by providing enhanced services, better relationship and genuine profitability.


Expansion in the field of Technology, Consultancy, Media and Services and develop a strong base of key customers, to increase the assets and investments of the company to support the development of services and products and to build lasting reputation in these field and become a key player in the industry.


We believe in treating our customers with respect and faith• We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning