With the easily available smart phones and internet data access, billions of people are surfing various platforms including websites and mobile application for seeking information about their daily needs and utilities. There are a large number of websites and applications providing utility information for the global, regional, country and local requirements of the clients. In India we have Ask me, Quara, Just Dial, Just Call, Sulekha, OLX, Qicker, 99Acres and many other Apps for seeking information about any utility like Contact No. of a Doctor, Address of vendor, Location of Store, Menu of a restaurant and much more. These Applications are doing a great service to the society by connecting clients with the sources. These Applications are earning handsome revenues as well. The bad side of all these applications is being not able to filter, categories, review, certify/authenticate/accredited the information provided/displayed about a utility, a business or a service. There is trash of information available online, making it difficult for a client to decide and land at the best option according to his/her requirement. These applications provide just information and like Google laves to our understanding and analytical power to reach to the best.

For example, I want to buy a shirt and ask any directory/application to show me the options where I can buy a shirt in a City “X” , the available application shall display hundreds of options for buying a shirt making it difficult for me to decide from where to buy the best at the best rates by saving time and getting best service if I require for my shirt in future. The today’s clients have no time to verify and cross check information and options. There is chance that, with free information, we can verify, authenticate, categorize and certify the options/information given and for which we may charge from the clients looking for information and businesses/services registered with us. Making things and lives easier for every both, buyer and seller, we can contribute to the promotion of quality standards and better practices along with having a good business as well.

Keeping this opportunity in mind, at Teachaxis International Pvt. Ltd, we are working on a Software Application for many platforms which should be able to give the verified, certified, accredited and premium information about any utility required by the browser/client. This will help the businesses to grow and make it easy for the clients to avail better products and services.

Our research for this App. is almost over and we are working on the plans to implement and construct the prototype of the app which may be named as AXI or OXI and isscheduled to be launched in 2020.

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