We have great social media and professional applications like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Imo, Insta, Linkedin, Research Gate and many more. We have apps for almost everything. Our times have seen the mad rush of application. There are millions of applications available for various things. Now, a day’s every owner of a smart phone is using more than 25-30 applications at an average. While installing, managing, keeping password safe, login etc, a lot of times is wasted and after that every day we waste time on checking various application one by one. Also, the internet data is consumed by all these applications separately and lot space on the handset is consumed making the phone to slow down.

Why don’t we should have single application on our phone connecting us to social needs, personal aspects with families and friends, with options of professional needs, an app for health, travel, education, selling, buying, media, weather, money transactions and many other things !

At techaxis we are attempting to develop a complete application which should include all kind apps/sections frequently used by an individual. This will be a one click, one place, less space, one password, safe, secure, personal, professional, utility, business, money, weather and many other important components application with a potential to change the scenario and make our lives easier and better orgaised while making the best use of our time, money, internet date, hardware and other resources. This will be the A-Z of apps required by any individual of our time and time to come.

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