Ranks shows our positions among the players of a specific fields at a given time in a given space. Ranking makes the difference. We have signed MOU with Earth Ranking International to conduct quality ranking of systems, institutions, processes and individuals about various parameters.

We are an international ranking agency, working to improve ranking of organisations working in various fields all over the world. We help organisations and the people to know each other. We also provide help and support; you need to improve your rank. EIR measures the performance of units, systems and organisations worldwide. We use a set of sophisticated indicators. Our ranking aims to provide highly accurate measurements of the popularity, desirability, reliability and other indicators of an organisation. We do not only rely on subjective data obtained from other surveys or on the data provided by the units themselves. We design customised parameters for ranking a specific set of units in a specific field.

Earth Ranking International is an independent agency accessing and ranking of various organisations according to the international standards in specific areas. We carry out ranking independently following the recognised standards to ensure impartiality and competence. We rank a diverse range of private, public and business organisations. We assure the client must know where does a particular unit, organisation or system stands, in comparison with others. Ranking also provides international recognition of a unit We rank Education Institutes, Universities, Colleges, Schools, NGOs, public institutions, Books, Journals, Environment Sustainability, Green Buildings, Green Organisations, Green Systems, Green Initiatives, Health and Hygiene, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Pharmaceuticals, Doctors, Products, Business and Corporate units. We conduct governance ranking, Media ranking, Indian Universities Ranking, Power Ranking, Socio-Economic and Political Ranking. We use well defined standards, policies, and procedures for ranking. Our standards are based on international research and best practices.

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