We work in association with the Earth Institute for Research & Development (EIRD), an independent non-profit research organization under the aegis of Earth Foundation International, working on trans disciplinary issues related to the science, sustainability, development, peace and justice. The IRD works to promote peace, equality and sustainability.

The IRD analyses conventional and unconventional threats to global warming, environmental degradation, hydrocarbonenergy depletion, food scarcity, economic instability, social structural inequalities, violent extremism, and political breakdown.

Multidisciplinary approach of Institute for Research & Development (EIRD) to these issues aims to examine them holistically as interconnected crises symptomatic of structural problems of the global political economy. EIRD research is designed to help bridge traditional disciplinary divides in the social and physical sciences, so as to develop new interdisciplinary theoretical and conceptual frameworks which can aid understanding of the inherently interdependent origins and trajectories of global crises.

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